We earlier posted how we are trying hard to get people to embrace speed dating in Nairobi and now, through support from different people who saw the uniqueness and value of speed dating. We are organising an event in a 5 STAR Hotel, that will be attended by Corprate employees. Seeing how far we are going really convinces us that the Service of Speed Dating will be one to Reckon with. There is no reason why one should do the same old things every weekend and use the same old ways to find seek a relationship when there is a more fun, interesting and efficient way of doing all that respectively.

These are the details of our next event;

In 2013, take that bold step to find that special someone you’ve been looking for in the most exciting way possible.

Imagine meeting 25 potential partners,most of them working in corporate companies,in just one night under the roof of a 5 Star Hotel, while enjoying Special Cuisines throughout the event and the right music to fit the mood

Celebrate Valentines day with your new found love

Age: Ladies between 21 and 36 years &
Gentlemen Between 25 and 40 years
Dresscode: Casual/decent
Charges: Kshs.1,800

Please Note;
To buy tickets via M-Pesa, Zap or Credit card simply post/message us your phone number and you will receive a notification from PESAPAL On your phone on how to proceed.


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To All Critics Of Speed Dating In Kenya

On 2nd September 2012 we organized another speed dating event at ZEEP, Nairobi. 40 People had RSVP’d and vowed to be there and “see” how speed dating really is, but to our surprise by 2PM ,2 hours after the official beginning time, only 4 people had showed up. Our expectations were really dampened and we even felt like canceling the event all together. With our frowned faces and wounded egos,we just sat there contemplating on what we did wrong and thinking that maybe just maybe,Nairobi is not ready for Speed Dating.
Ten minutes later,8 Ladies walked into the Restaurant (venue) saying they have come for the event,behind them came another pack of 3 Ladies,looking stunning also there for the event. The frowned faces became more relaxed and just as we were showing the ladies where to sit,one by one the guys started coming and by 4PM there were 12 Ladies and 12 Guys ready to speed date.
By the end of that evening,most of the participants promised to attend the next event and those who really enjoyed it swore to market our agency the minute they left the Restaurant.
Miqy deeply thanks all of those who showed up for the event and We are glad you had fun……#speeddatinginNairobi


Today we organised a Free Speed Dating Event at a renowned Club in Nairobi, Kenya and although not everyone we invited came, those who came guaranteed us that they had fun and even told us to increase the 6 minute “date” time frame to 10 minutes. Before we got into this we knew how difficult it would be, but we have to continue doing what we believe is something the people in Kenya need..Thank You goes to all who showed up and supported us. We will make Speed Dating in Kenya a major success.


After 3 Months of research, it is evident that most people would attend a speed dating event, but the thing is,the younger population between 18-26 are more interested in the whole idea although the older population between 27-45 are more willing to pay for it. Another twist is that more ladies are more interested in it than the guys yet during an active event,an equal number of both sexes are needed, in this case 15 ladies and 15 Men who get to have a face to face conversation,each single chatting with the other for 6 minutes and after getting a signal, shifts to another single